Accept Bitcoin at your location and provide Cashback option to your clients

No more ATMs

Forget about investing on an ATM machine, as merchant signup with us and become the ATM with zero investment and earn up to 6% everytime you provide cash to a person selling bitcoin.

How it works

Merchant types in the amount to charge
Merchant asks the customer if they want cash back
QR code gets displayed
Client scans QR cod
One Block Confirmation
Merchant receives in any wallet he/she chooses.
  • Privacy

    Our goal is to protect everybody’s privacy; therefore, we will never request any personal information from any merchant. We NEVER touch merchant’s bitcoin. It will forward automatically to his/her wallet.

  • Highly Trusted

    Thousands of businesses trust our secure interface since we NEVER hold merchant’s funds for no reason. Everything gets forwarded to the merchant’s wallet after 1 block confirmation.

Merchant Dashboard

What can you do?

Accept in-person payments Accept bitcoin on your smartphone or tablet Offer cashback to your clients Take their bitcoin and give them cash and earn 6% transaction fee Convert to a Stable Coin Instantly transfer to any stable coin you prefer to cashout in USD

Who are we?

We are a club of entrepreneurs around the globe focused on promoting the use of bitcoin to facilitate payments and eliminate intermediaries. We NEVER put our hands into anyone’s bitcoin. We never request private information about our club members and merchants. We are pro privacy.


See what people are saying

  • Anonymous

    Lo fantástico de Paybit Club es la transparencia. Todos pueden ver en qué están trabajando los demás y el estado de las cosas es mucho más visible.

  • Anonymous

    Leaders will be able to lead more clients and provide more focused and valuable coaching through the use of automated analytics from companies like Paybit Club.

  • Anonymous

    Ha habido una adopción natural de la plataforma sin capacitación alguna. Los usuarios ven de inmediato el beneficio para ellos mismos, para sus equipos y para la empresa en general.

  • Anonymous

    Easy to use, great service, and a great way to accept Bitcoin. The collaboration creativity of its leaders is extremely powerful.

  • Anonymous

    Everything was simple and well organized. They lead you through the entire process so you have a very high likelihood of becoming successful in Paybit Club.

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See what people are saying

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